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Rhino North West specialises in a range of resin based surface solutions for in and around the home, garden, play areas or commercial properties.
The stunning driveway or garden that you have always wanted: a modern, stylish and long-lasting finish that is easy to maintain.
A premium product, Rhino Resin is combined with stone, rubber or quartz to achieve versatile options for use in a variety of areas, such as:

Rhino bounce rubber play areas
Tree pits

Sports facilities
Disabled access ramps
Pool surrounds
Commercial properties
Internal quartz flooring

A Rhino surface offers many benefits over traditional options such as tarmac, block paving and concrete such as:
• Non fade
• Puddle-free
• Weed resistant
• Slip resistant

Rhino resin bound and Rhino bounce (rubber safety play) surfaces are also permeable which aids natural drainage, reduces puddles and from a planning and environmental perspective it complies with the latest SUD’s regulation concerning sustainable urban drainage.
We pride ourselves on using the best products including natural stone with no colour pigment so as such the stone colour will never change, giving longevity to the beautiful finish our product provides.

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Experiment with the various colours below to see what would work best for your driveway.

*These are just a small sample of the many colours available.